Our 2020 Mini Custom Houses are here!  Each one handmade from reclaimed timber sourced locally, with the proceeds going towards building healthy families in our local community.


This year, our houses are about redefining, about clarity. This has definately been a year for stripping back the things outside our homes... and of our homes becoming our safe sanctuary.  We wanted to honour that, with a house that is simple, yet has a feeling of warmth and home.  With big windows to look out at the world and bring the light in.  With the natural timber highlighted through the top showing the true colours and revealing the beauty underneath.

They are about families, and for families.  


*Current turnaround is 1.5 weeks, and houses will be able to be picked from the gallery in Adamstown by arrangement.  Each house is custom stamped upon ordering. We can usually fit about 8 characters on each line, but if you have a special request, we will do our very best to make it happen!


Light colours have "2020" stamped on the back.  If you want the dark blue, we can stamp 2020 on the door if you like (please note that in the second custom field area.  Roof is left natural timber, with walls painted in your choice of colour.


Colours this year are: Navy blue, Dusty rose (pink), coral, sea mist, and mossy grey.  If you would like a different colour, please get in touch so we can work something out.


As the houses are made by hand from reclaimed timber, each house is individual and will have different characteristics depending on the timber used.  The height of the houses are between 15 and 20cm high.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact us. 

2020 Mini Custom Houses