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Safety Information

 Safety Check and Process for quality control for the making of jams, chutneys and relishes

 Handwashing / sanitizing

  1. Identified cleaning cloth for benches used as marked

  2. Sanitise the benches (laminate/ stainless)

  3. Sanitise utensils (wood and metal)

  4. Sanitise pots and pans

  5. Method to clean as go

  6. Check list recipe sheet filled in with date, batch number, ingredient listing checked off with best before

  7. Finalised taste testing to ensure the recipe is as required

  8. Sterilise the jars and lids (metal only)

  9. Use the jars of appropriate weight and sizing

  10. Ensure recipe is followed for all ingredient listing

  11. Ensure the recipe is poured into the jars whilst mixture is hot to ensure the sterilisation process is complete

  12. Ensure labelling is fixed for ingredient listing

  13. Ensure used by date is applied to label

  14. Ensure batch number is applied to label

  15. Ensure the Nutritional data label has been applied to jar

  16. Ensure product paper lid finish and twine is applied around lid

  17. Stock on shelf for sales

  18. Rotate stock if necessary

  19. Phone suppliers for purchase

  20. Advertise on social media platforms is available

Safety and Quality Control for Timber Pieces created

  1. Prior to creation, the purpose is to be considered, to assess requirements for materials and end use suitability.

  2. Each piece created with suitable fastening and materials suitable for product and its use.

  3. Each woodworking piece to be individually checked, sanded and cleaned of all dust before leaving the workshop to ensure no splinters or problem parts in the fastening or the timber.

  4. Suitable hardware to be attached relative to the weight and size of the piece

  5. For all hanging pieces, each piece to be hung on the test wall for quality control, and to ensure it will hang level.

  6. Each piece to be individually checked for quality control prior to tagging procedure.

  7. The Safety tag is to be attached to each piece, either attached to the back of the product if the piece is large enough to accommodate it, or as a safety note on the website and product description on the website. Safety instructions are also on the certificates issued with each sale.

  8. Each piece is to be given a unique SKU, logged into the SKU log book, and have a stamped tag with price and SKU attached to the product.

  9. Each piece is then to be photographed, with sizes and description, to be added to the website, along with safety instructions and advice.

  10. All pieces comply with Australian standards.

Jams, Chutneys, & Relishes Nutritional Info: 

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